Friday, August 6, 2010

my 1st nail lesson

5/8 my 1st nail lesson class..(12pm-6:30pm)
So exited to went there cause that day i said will attend the class postponed ard..

Aft tat no free to attend it..
so on lift to attend it..

I learned my personal manicure yesterday..
It was an easy job to me(cause i ready know it before)
But i still ready to learn about it..

Teacher showed me how to shaping,buffing n a lot(use my hand)
aft tat i shaping 4 my oth hand n 4 my teacher..

Then learn 3D..
God, i thought it's easy but i was wrong it's very difficult to handler it..
so i used almost few hours to trained my 3D(just only love shape&flower)

but teacher said i not bad 4 1st day..
haha...of course.. :p

Teacher want me try to draw on my finger but she show me at my finger 1st..
this is my teacher done on my hand..

this is i done it myself(haha..really different)

my class

my 3D learning

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