Monday, August 30, 2010

Fishing day

Yesterday went to fishing with my cousin..
very excited to go there cause i m the 1st time go for fishing...

Here was the place we fishing there..

sure we at there got took some photo..
Just a simple photo shoot..

but damn wireless cant upload my photo..

Funny things happen at there..
we wait for half an hour still no fish we catch it..
finally our fishing gaff swing we all think we caught a fish ard but....
haha,it was a plastic bag...

2nd times also like that...
finally no fish we caught,we wait the fish for 4 hrs..
haiz...little fish where u all go???

1/9 try to upload my photo..finally can already
but didnt upload all just a few..

PISA grandeur OF beauty

28/8 went to PISA for looking something happen new there..
Last week start from 27/8 had a function abt beauty until yesterday 29/o8 end..

saturday all of us wearing purple colour cloth for match their theme that day..
A lot of beauty products selling there n i saw my teacher (nail haven)
was promote their course at their own stall...

She done a body art at my hand

and also done an acrylic extension for my 1 finger nail..

nice right??i love it but only my 1 finger nail==

a lot of things i want to buy but no money ard..

Monday, August 23, 2010

Big surprised

Yesterday got a surprised cause my parents n bro they all went out to grandma house..
Feel so excited cause long time didnt see them already..
My youngest bro tall already but still not taller then me..

Having dinner with my cousins at seaside..(but my parents didnt come with us,lazy)
WAS a malay food(ikan bakar)very delicious..

security at PISA got a surprised cause saw me 3rd times at this mega sale...(remember me already :p)
i bought a lot again..i think 2 days only spend almost rm200++..
branded oh branded...u make me crazy with u...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

crazy about mega sale

Yesterday went to stadium PISA with my aunts cuz got mega sale there...
A lot people there& a lot of branded there..

SO bought a lot of things there..especially bra n panties...
n also sleeping gown..
my lovely brand
pierre cardin also at there...
buy a lot fr this brand..

Until the night still feel not enough buying so went it again to buy other things...
mega sale make me crazy...haha

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

finally upload all photo from camera

finally upload all photo from camera at fb..
so u all may view my fb photo album at miss 18th!/album.php?aid=2073958&id=1142988388

Monday, August 16, 2010

14/8 night,happy birthday miss teacher amy

1st,y call teacher amy??
cuz dear gv me this name(almost 1 year)so my children all call me

this night me & family went out 4 celebrated my birthday at a restaurant...
finished our meals den starting celebrated 4 me..

this was my cake

nice right?heart shape n pink colour 1...thx my aunt...

still got alot of photo in the camera so upload next time...
Finish celebrating,we all went to gurney drive..
at there so high..haha
eat alot this night...

Also got took some photo with phone but
still got some inside camera..

doing what??

with my cousin sis..

our shadow...

So 1am we all reached home,quite late already..
Finally happy birthday to miss teacher amy...
thx 4 my parents all celebrated my 18th birthday...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

14/8 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME is miss khoo birthday(me)
Early in the morning i ard received present from my daddy n grandma..
Guess is wat..hahaha..was an angpao..

Then tonight i will celebrate my birthday with my cousins & parents..
jUST now i open my lot of peoples wish me happy birthday..

so u all may view my fb profile!/babychery

Thursday, August 12, 2010

8/8 travel around BATU FERRINGHI

This Sunday hang out with my dear cousins...
1st we went to
Fort Cornwallis 'cari makan'cause got Thailand fair there..

Aft tat start moving to Batu Ferringhi..
We went to Hard rock hotel..
oh my god!very beautiful at there &very big..
also got a nice view...

i took some photo with my phone still got a lot at the camera..
so free i upload again..

This was the photo..

This when i inside the car..

Seaside at H.R.Hotel

Inside toilet..haha

guess who is this??

then went to another seaside for having fun...

7/8 2nd lesson for nail art

This Saturday was my 2nd lesson for nail art...
At there miss teacher teaching me how to do a decoration for nail..

I learned 8 typed of different decoration..
It was very easy to me...

So this was my design at the nails tips..

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Etude House《睫毛弯弯正妹》 top10 pk excited i get in Etude House《睫毛弯弯正妹》top10 pk when i saw from
so dun forget to vote me at this website...

Friday, August 6, 2010

my 1st nail lesson

5/8 my 1st nail lesson class..(12pm-6:30pm)
So exited to went there cause that day i said will attend the class postponed ard..

Aft tat no free to attend it..
so on lift to attend it..

I learned my personal manicure yesterday..
It was an easy job to me(cause i ready know it before)
But i still ready to learn about it..

Teacher showed me how to shaping,buffing n a lot(use my hand)
aft tat i shaping 4 my oth hand n 4 my teacher..

Then learn 3D..
God, i thought it's easy but i was wrong it's very difficult to handler it..
so i used almost few hours to trained my 3D(just only love shape&flower)

but teacher said i not bad 4 1st day..
haha...of course.. :p

Teacher want me try to draw on my finger but she show me at my finger 1st..
this is my teacher done on my hand..

this is i done it myself(haha..really different)

my class

my 3D learning


1/8 逛逛早晨的街上,晒晒早晨的太阳。。





Finally i'm free now..
Cuz this few day busy to done my things..

So last Saturday was KUANG YIN day..
joined花车游行with my family at TANG XIANG temple..
N also ate 2 day vegi...

A lot of people at there...

my family

with d prayed flower