Monday, October 19, 2009

Pragin mall i'm coming again

Yesterday was a school holiday,i with my family went back to grandmother house(at penang)
But at there so lame,nothing to haha..went for shopping again..
1st we went to cathay cinema for buying a ticket..
We are watching this movie=CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS

The story: The end is near! The world's first ever animated disaster movie comes to the big screen when an outcast inventor creates a machine that rains food on his hungry town and gets the attention of the girl he's always loved. Intoxicated by the love and validation he receives, he goes too far with his machine: the falling food gets dangerously out of control, he loses the girl, and he has to set things right to win her back.

After that we started shopping there i and my cousin sister bought a pack of travel set of cleanser..
It is Bio-essence(TANAKA WHITE)Lucky now promotion price not so expensive....haha..
We shop for 4 hour..haha just bought some thing...
Total i spend yesterday is RM50++..(XD)

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