Sunday, September 27, 2009

Everybody i'm back

Hai,everybody i'm back from KL with my dearest family..feel so tired this few days..
Actually our intention(目的) is attended our kinsfolk(亲戚) weddings party(god,so high class)
We had 2 cars went to KL from Penang..Haha..feel so poor to this 2 driver...(cant sleep at all)
In our journey,we take about 4 hour..In the path,we reached area of Tapak to rest and ate..Around12 am we reached our apartment(Berjaya hotel) near Time Square there...Before entered the room,we checked in 1st..Yahoo!check in over,we can entered the room for bathed and sleeped..Because we sat on the car our buttock was numbness(麻痹)..Haha..
Enter the room,Wow..the room was so broad(宽阔) our house..This room got 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom..(the bathroom got bathtub(浴缸),Yahoo!can be soaked(泡澡))
We bathed,ate then slept(cant sleep at all,feel so cold)..
Next day morning is my beautiful went for shopping..
I woke up at 8 am,bathing,excrement(大便),(haha)dress up myself..
After that started photo shooting..Haha..

Last captured,waiting for them..XD
Finally at 10 am,all were get ready to go out..
We just having a walk to our all destination..1st destination is full up our stomach in Hong Kong Restaurant(near Sg Wang)
We ate all our dishes about rm248..Wow..not a small amount..(Luckily payer is not me..XD)
After our breakfast,we started shopping at Time Square..
We taked a lot of time at there the clothes,bags,shoes and many many else was so cheap..Some shops was sell in all in rm20,rm25,rm35....(wow)
But,the clothes was not attract me at all..(the clothes like pasar malam style,put around here and there)
So,(crying,haha)didt buy anything except a handbag..I bought a handbag,is leopard style(sexy,haha)
We shop until our leg ache(酸痛)(poor)my waist feel so ache...but we still can shop it(god,what type of all this person all in ache still can walk around here and there)
We also got walk around Sg Wang but for a while only..At 4 pm we went back the apartment again to
prepared whole things for check out and get ready to attended the wedding party..
Reached our apartment,we started eating..haha..then bathing and take a nap...
At 5pm,all started dress up and hurry make up because no time any more..
At 6pm,we checked out,then drove car to the wedding party...
This is my look that day..not so clear because i'm sitting in the car..

After having dinner we went back KL to Penang at11pm..then reached at home at 1am..
God,so fast at cousin brother drove at 160km/p(crazy la him)..
Conclusion,actually feel so happy at this journey..XD

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